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July 19th - Early Preparations: Most of my gear, and events leading to departure.

August 4 - Day 1: Whitefish, Hungry Horse, Big Fork

August 7: Swan Lake, Condon

August 11: Seeley Lake to Ovando

August 12: Ovando to Lincoln

Lost a few days due to camera trouble...

August 18: Helena to Park Lake to Basin.

August 20: Basin to Butte.

August 23: Butte to Wise River

August 25: Wise River to Grant (almost).

August 27: Cross Ranch to Lakeview Ranch

August 29: Lakeview, MT to Phillips, ID

August 31: Phillips, ID to Flagg Ranch, WY

September 4: Flagg Ranch to Wapiti Ridge

September 6: Wapiti Ridge to Pinedale

September 10: Pinedale to Jeffrey City

September 16: Jeffrey City to Steamboat Springs

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