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The bold ones are the towns where I'm mailing myself food and other supplies. Directions are at the bottom of the page if you want to send me a letter or package at any of these locations. This schedule is (obviously) subject to change. Some of the dates are Saturdays, which means that I have to get there early in the day to make it to the PO. If I miss any of these, I'll either restock from a local store, or wait until the next Monday morning. Who knows -- I might need a rest for a day or two.


August 1st-4th - Whitefish, MT

August 10th - Seeley Lake, MT 59868-9999

August 19th - Butte, MT 59701-9999

August 26th - Lima, MT 59739-9999

September 1st - Moran, WY 83013-9999

September 6th- Pinedale, WY 82941-9999

September 12th - Rawlins, WY 82301-9999

September 16th - Steamboat Springs, CO 80477-9999

September 20th - Denver, CO

September 28th - San Jose, CA


If you want to send me something, make sure it gets to its location by these dates. These are the earliest dates that I expect to get into these towns. Send me an email if you're sending me something. That way, if (by some miracle) I'm ahead of schedule, I'll wait for it to get there, or make arrangements to forward it to my next stop.

Address it to:

John Hazen
General Delivery
<town and zipcode from above>

Please hold for arrival.
Great Divide Biker

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