A Trip Down the Great Divide

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Latest Update(s):

September 20th -

Drew came to pick me up about 12:30. My trip is officially over. I made it!

I'll update this page again fairly soon, with a few wrap-up thoughts, but it may not be until after I'm back in California. Now is the time for me to just relax and hang out with my brother.

I do have pictures from the last couple of days, but I'm too tired to get them up tonight. They should be up in a day or two with the last couple of maps, too.

September 19th -

32 miles. After the first 10, it was mostly downhill into Kremmling. Unfortunately, the last six miles were on a highway which had no shoulder and lots of traffic. I had to get off the bike and walk, because I didn't want to get hit on my last day of riding.

Originally, I was planning to have Drew (my brother) pick me up in Silverthorne, which is another 30 miles (or so) from Kremmling, but I heard that a) the road between had the same lack of shoulder, and b) that rain and snow were expected for tomorrow. So I called up Drew, and left a message asking him to pick me up here instead. Looks like I'm done! Yay!

September 18th -

42 miles, and lots of climbing. I'm camping up at the top of Lynx Pass, in an improved campground (that means that there's water and bathrooms). I just finished sharing the large campfire of Roland and Bea, the camp hosts. Rode through some beautiful country today, and tomorrow's supposedly even better We'll see...

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If you're planning a trip like this, or want to prepare for Y2K, check out some of the reading I've done. Thanks to Glen Reed for the bookmarks.

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